Ginger House Museum Hotel boasts a rich history of fine dining with sumptuous food cooked by master chefs. At Ginger House we believe that food and drink are integral to culture and luxury, both of which we offer you in plenty. Our menus are culinary and visual delights: an array of delectable local and international dishes, available 24/7 in-room and in our restaurants. Or at an exclusive candle-lit meal with the Chef’s hand-crafted menu paired with the best wines. we use only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, the finest chefs create savoury, palate-pleasing cuisine with flair and creativity.


Ottoman inspired alley way, lined with relics usher into an open garden that echo history. Effigies of Lord Shiva, Buddha and angels that adorns the garden are guarded by 400 year old stone pillars of the Chola Dynasty. The path ends at a majestic wooden door set in a stone frame. This 800 year old relic of the Chola Dynasty is the main entrance of the Ginger House Restaurant. The Ginger House Restaurant is a riverside multi-cuisine restaurant, which has been an integral part of dining in Heritage Cochin since a decade. Fancy a Ginger ice cream, or prawns flavoured in ginger, it will be prepared in front of you, in a charming open kitchen. Befitting its history and as the name says, the prime ingredient in all the recipes is Ginger. Also the venue offers stunning views of the cerulean waters of the Vembanad Lake and of the Willington Island beyond.



Versailles is the latest addition to Cochin’s high-end dining experience. The teak and mirror combined dramatic ceiling reflecting the ethnic red oxide floor is a chamber dismantled from a 120year old French palace of Karaikal, a district in the former French colony of Pondicherry. Dining at Versailles is an event, not just for the colonial setting-but also for its haute –cuisine. Gorgeously rich menus are ruled by authentic Kerala Cuisine and then, pertaining to the history of the place, a phenomenal list of French and Jewish Cuisine is added alongside to an epicurean’s delight in 24k gold Italian designer crockery.

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